Drift City may look like just another racing game but don�t be fooled, it�s much more than that. Drift City has something no other racer does, a persistent world for players to drive around in. The graphics give the game a stylish cartoony feel, almost like a brighter version of Grand Theft Auto. The basic appearance of the cities and even the mini map in the corner of the screen look very much like GTA III. So if you�re looking for a multiplayer racer with a ton of sandbox single player content, this is the game for
At Drift City you put the pedal to the metal in the future … but the prospects look pretty bad. There are almost no more oil reserves.
How will anyone survive without this vital raw material? Creative scientists recently discovered a completely new source of energy on an isolated Pacific island – the “Mittron”. It’s an excellent new fuel! It doesn’t take long before everyone starts to mine the “Mittron”.
Drift City itself takes ages to start. First you need to register as user on their website, then download the client, then download an extra installer and the necessary updates� but I assure the waiting time is really worth it. Also, Drift City is so easy to play that it makes up for it. You won’t need any tutorial or similar: six keys are enough to make your car fly over the road, drift and perform incredible jumps. The first few missions of Drift City teach you the basics of the game story and mechanics. As you complete them, you earn experience points and level up. When you reach a certain experience level, you’ll be able to enter the Drift City Battle Zone: competitive online races against other players worldwide. In the meantime, you can also visit the Driver Dome and improve your car or even buy a new one with the money you earn in missions. There are always new things to do in Drift City, new people to meet and new ways to enjoy your driving experience.
Graphics in Drift City have a cell-shaded look, but follow a realistic style. You’ll be able to recognize real car makes and models while driving around a city depicted with lots of detail.
Drift City Games Download For Windows Xp.